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We are VAPP - A new vibrant, open & transparent political party

The Veterans’ and People’s Party exists to build and safeguard a free and open society in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, in which no one should be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and wellbeing of individuals. We acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full.

We aim to work in partnership with the British public to disperse power, to foster diversity and nurture creativity. We believe the role of the State is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, contribute fully to their communities and play an active role in the decisions affecting their lives. This would include, but not be limited to, contributing and suggesting changes to political policy and issues facing the country.

We fully believe in, endorse and respect the democratic mandate of the people of the United Kingdom, our sovereignty as a Nation, and the full authority of its people, in the governance and direction of the United Kingdom. Therefore, we will listen to the public, consult with them on policy and reform, represent and support their concerns. We will also speak for them, seek change where there are issues of injustice, and challenging where necessary, political tradition, intransigence, short-termism and elitism.


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State Owned Housing 14/10/18

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A programme to build 500,000 houses. Prefabricated, environmentally friendly, homes built to last, using the latest energy technology.




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Please read our Manifesto and Join Today!


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Vapp's response to Fracking 13/10/18

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VAPP would not support fracking until such time there is concrete independent evidence to support its safety.
To commit to fracking at this time could be detrimental to the environment in the...
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Manifesto Release Q & A 12/10/18

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When our manifesto was released in September there were some questions raised by followers. We hope this blog addresses those questions. We will start to include a Q&A section in our newsletter s...

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Prison Reform - 08/10/18

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Prison Reform


Vapp Consider it immoral for Profit to be made out of Prisons


Prisons should be a place of punishment for Prisoners, not Prison Staff


Prison Reform



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Please read the manif...

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Education 07/10/18

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Reduce levels of bureaucracy and paperwork for teachers to spend more time on teaching.


Scrap the current tuition fees system and re-think bursaries and funding for students, particularly tho...

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