An Angry Mob and a Gravy Train

Our party leader Robin Horsfall talking about the prosecution of British Soldiers.


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18/03/2019 16:59
My name is Ian Mitchell I have been following a petition launched on the  “ I wear my British armed Force Veterans Badge with Pride “ this page launched a Parliamentary Petition calling for immunity for military personnel I was live on the morning 15th March as of 1700 hrs on Monday 18th March 65350 veterans have signed the petition.
13/04/2019 13:41
Powerful and true.
18/04/2019 15:05
Well said! This is the voice of reason.
04/05/2019 16:13
I've voted Labour all my life but this party is refreshing. I've signed up and I'm voting VAPP as soon as I can. Need to get on the ballot papers asap. My husband is voting VAPP and my 85 year old veteran father is now going to vote VAPP and I'm pushing VAPP on Facebook so I can get more and more people to join VAPP (Two friends on board so far). Time for change. Time for a better future. Most of all my son has been in the British Army for 16 years and fought Iraq and twice in Afghan. If I thought he would be locked up years later for doing his job I'd go ballistic. Men and women serving in forces must be protected from prosecution for doing their job.

Veterans and People's Party all the way!!
06/05/2019 14:06
A weapon, 'A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.' If a stone is thrown with the intent of causing harm it becomes a weapon, and the thrower of said stoned was armed with a weapon.
09/05/2019 10:27
Both my grandfathers were in the RN. My father was Raf Reg, My brother was RN and I was a VR(t) officer.
I would 100% back this party and even if given the opportunity put my name in the hat for my area.
Too few people are willing to speak up, to challenge the 'norm' and we should stand up and vote for the smaller party's to make the old boys (and Girls) stand up and take note of the real issues ex forces etc face. They need to get back in (or have reality check) touch with what the people are facing  not just fall a sleep on the back benches.
I will be looking shortly at being a member and will be encouraging others to do the same. Lee Markwell