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The Leader of the centrist Veterans’ and People’s Party, Robin Horsfall, has hit back at the state of the UKs media and who they choose to promote on their front pages, and by doing so, who they ignore. 

Mr Horsfall began with:

“The majority of people in the United Kingdom are members of the moral, moderate majority (MMM). There are more decent people in the world than indecent. I am a member of this majority.

The problem with being MMM is that we believe in reason, consideration and decency. I don’t want to stand on a street corner screaming abuse at people and I don’t believe in castigating every leader in our country who doesn’t do what I want. I believe that this MMM is full of people of all backgrounds – rich, poor, working class, religious, atheist and so on.”

He continued to outline the foundation that the moderate are ignored simply because they are not interesting to the media. 

“The problem of being an MMM is that we are not interesting to the media, we don’t advocate radical change. We don’t divide people by their ethnic origins or their religion we don’t blame everyone else for our failings.”

Followed by highlighting the ever increasing trend of ensuring any person of media interest is almost always described by their race or religion as part of the identification process. 

“We appreciate the relative peace and prosperity that our nation has achieved since WW2. We know that things aren’t perfect and that there is more work to be done but that work does not begin with identifying criminals by their colour or religion. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal, not a Pakistani criminal, not a Scottish criminal not a Christian criminal just a criminal. We do not blame a whole ethnic group for the crimes of a few wicked individuals. “

He went on to highlight how the current trend of promoting the hateful in a bid to sell more news is only contributing to giving hate a platform above and beyond that of free speech, and by doing so the majority of moderate decent citizens are ignored.

“The MMMs have a huge problem, the press love extremists, they love to make reports about neo-nazis, racists, violence and disaster. I am fed up of seeing pictures of skinheads with hate tattoos or extremists carrying placards saying ‘kill infidels’. This plays with the emotions of the people, it helps to generate fear, hatred and division. The reasonable voice of the majority is drowned out by the desire to sell newspapers and to raise viewing figures. The majority of the population goes unheard.”

Mr Horsfall highlighted the very nature of extremists is to drown out and eventually destroy the free press to ensure their agendas move forward unhindered. It would appear that history has not taught the free press how extremists work to ensure their message, and only their message, is propagated. 

 “I see hatemongers and racists in the news every week being promoted by the very people who should fear them. These extremists will be the first people to destroy the free press, the first to discriminate and the last to listen to reason. Putting an eloquent and well-dressed racist up as the representative of a political group is akin to polishing sandpaper. I call on our media to give a voice to the quiet, the studious and the decent people of the UK.”

In conclusion Mr Horsfall summarised that the majority of the UK are good, kind and respectful people that will not tolerate the current trend of selling hate for profit. But that these people, without the free press to speak for them, are fighting a losing battle. 

“The moderate, moral majority is made up of people who care about others, who want to share the prosperity of our country, who give to charity, who work hard and support their families and those who teach their children the difference between right and wrong.

Any political party that hopes to obtain power in the UK must become the voice of the Moderate, Moral Majority not the voice of hatred and division. 

The voice of reason is a quiet voice, a reasonable voice, a voice that encourages discussion. The Veterans’ and People’s Party is such a voice. If you see yourself as a member of the Moderate, Moral Majority and you want to be heard then read our manifesto, join our party and together let’s silence those who think that populism, racism and hatred is the way forward.”

The Veteran’s and People’s Party the voice of the Moderate Moral Majority.


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05/12/2018 21:44
Having spent upwards of 14 hours listening to the debate in the House of Commons on the Brexit Exit agreement I am now convinced that history does repeat itself.  In that a. a pack of lies took us diddn dto the common market in the 1970's and another pack of lies dis trying to keep us in, in spite of the referndum.  When is this party going to grow some balls and stand up and be counted.  Yjis agreement is tantamount to treason on the part of the Government if it goes through.  We will be stuck as a non voting member of the EU and unable to unilaterally get out without the consent of the other member states,  which of course they will never give./Action is needed now Robin get to it.  I am not a former crap hat either Robin