When our Party Leader, Robin Horsfall, took his role in May he promised the public that we would produce our manifesto in September. Many political parties make promises to the public in the knowledge that they will never be fulfilled. The Veterans' and People's Party are different to other political parties, when we make a promise we deliver it.

Today we launch our manifesto, demonstrating that we are a serious political party and a viable option. We acknowledge that changes will not happen overnight nor will they be easy to make, however we are committed to giving the people of Britain an alternative option to the current status quo.

We are a party who will champion key areas to deliver a better Britain that represents the wishes of the Country.


          Population Control

      *      A United Kingdom independent of European control

      *      State-owned housing and power

      *      Welfare reform

      *      An efficient and caring NHS

      *      Investment in the Arts

      *      Higher standards of Education through improved standards of teaching

      *      Investment in the armed forces to generate skills for the next generation

      *      Investment in the armed forces for the defence of the realm

      *      Prison reform

      *      Tools and support to the police service to enable them to do their job safely and effectively

      *      A reduction in foreign aid, the priority needs of the UK must come first

      *      Investment in a carbon free environment

      *      A society that cares for the weakest and poorest


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