VAPP Leader Reminds Us of More Important Issues than Brexit.

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Robin Horsfall, Leader of the centrist Veterans’ and People’s Party, has issued his thoughts on the current government’s action in regards to Brexit and how we are being subdued into disinterest in the proceedings.


He began:


”I am now convinced that the British Government intends to drive the nation into a state of boredom and disinterest over Brexit. Once we are completely numbed by the repeated arguments and animosity they will fail to come to an agreement and attempt to overrule the referendum. Two years of uncertainty will have nothing to show but a huge amount of spending.”


Putting political affiliations and ideas aside he acknowledged that the handling of Brexit and Theresa Mays approach to the referendum outcome was an uphill struggle from the start, stating:


”I genuinely feel sorry for our Prime Minister, she was always in a 'no win' situation. Half the country was always going to hate whatever she did. She has stuck to the task with admirable determination but if she can't get Parliament to vote 'yes' then all that effort will be completely wasted. The fight will continue under new leadership and the British will continue to tear themselves apart.”


His conclusion hit upon the real effect on the UK of the current Brexit negotiations and the coverage of it that diverts our attention from some of the issues that matter most:


”In the meantime houses aren't built, people sleep on the streets, single mothers live without support from absent fathers, veterans are persecuted and the gap between rich and poor grows wider.”


The Veterans’ and People’s Party are committed to ensuring the issues that are being overshadowed by Brexit and the coverage of it are not forgotten.


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09/01/2019 21:31
I think that if a property has remained empty for more than a year, then the local council should find a way to commandeer it to rent out to Ex-Service personnel that are homeless.  It will serve 3 purposes:-
1.  Keep them safe
2.  Put a roof over their heads
3.  Allow them benefits and free training
4.  Allow them to get back their pride &
help combat depression.
10/02/2019 22:51
Very wise words indeed Robin. The reason if ever one was needed to rid this country of all that is bad and evil and let's get a new realistic and fresh party into power.
24/02/2019 05:43
Feel sorry for the PM pffft