Whistleblowing Policy


The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 gives legal protection to employees against being dismissed or penalised by their employers as a result of publicly disclosing certain serious concerns. It is fundamental to any employment contract that an employee will be loyal to his or her employer and will not disclose confidential information outside the organisation.

However, from time to time, a member of staff might discover information which he or she believes shows wrongdoing or malpractice within the organisation. On such occasions, it must be made possible for the information to be disclosed without fear of reprisal and, where appropriate, to someone other than the direct line manager.

Policy Statement

The Party is committed to the highest standards of honesty, openness and accountability. It aims to ensure that it operates in a responsible manner, taking into account standards set out in and by the Electoral Commission, Companies House, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the Palace of Westminster, the Ministerial Code, the Civil Service Code, the Charity Commission, other National, Regional and Local Government regulations and guidelines, and the requirements of funding and other bodies and Data Protection Standards (due to be changed in 2018 to GDPR).

The Party recognises that individual members of staff, supporters, volunteers, members, and elected officials have an important role in helping to achieve this aim. It is often these individuals who are first to know if someone in the Party, or connected with it, appears to be acting illegally or improperly.

They may feel apprehensive or anxious about raising their concerns, and their loyalty to the Party or to a colleague may prevent them from doing so. They may also be concerned that they will not be taken seriously or about any action against themselves a disclosure might provoke.

The Party encourages individuals who have knowledge, or reasonable suspicion, of wrongdoing to come forward. The Party takes all wrongdoing seriously and believes any evidence suggesting such behaviour should be investigated thoroughly.


To download our full Whistleblowing Policy please click here.